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Elevate Your Summer Cocktail Parties with Colleen Marie's Vibrant Luxury Linen Cocktail Napkins


Elevate your summer cocktail parties with a burst of color and style! Colleen Marie has a delightful collection of luxury linen cocktail napkins that will infuse your events with vibrant charm. Discover the beauty of the Del Mar, Montecito, Coronado, and Laguna collections, and how these playful and colorful napkins can transform your gatherings into memorable summer celebrations.

Elevate the Summer Aesthetic with Vibrant Luxury Linen Napkins:

Colleen Marie's luxury linen cocktail napkins are designed to elevate the aesthetic of your summer parties. Experience the joy of setting a vibrant table with napkins from the Del Mar, Montecito, Coronado, and Laguna collections. From aqua blues to coral pinks and sunny yellows, these napkins capture the essence of a summer paradise, creating an atmosphere of fun and excitement.

Embrace Sustainability and Summer Fun with Reusable Linen Napkins:

Colleen Marie believes in sustainability without compromising on style. Our luxury linen cocktail napkins offer a sustainable alternative to disposable paper napkins. Crafted from high-quality linen, these napkins are not only eco-friendly but also durable and reusable. Join us in embracing the summer spirit while reducing waste and making a positive impact on the environment.

  1. Unleash Radiant Summer Spirit with Exquisite Designs:

Colleen Marie's luxury linen cocktail napkins are infused with radiant summer spirit. Each collection—Del Mar, Montecito, Coronado, and Laguna—features a delightful array of colors and playful patterns. The Del Mar collection embodies seaside adventures with refreshing blues and whimsical seashell motifs. Montecito collection captures serene summer landscapes with soft pastels and delicate floral designs. The Coronado collection offers timeless elegance through sophisticated neutrals and intricate geometric patterns. Lastly, the Laguna collection bursts with vibrant colors and lively designs, evoking the energy of a summer fiesta. Explore these collections and choose the one that resonates with your summer style.

  1. Indulge in Summery Softness and Texture:

Colleen Marie's luxury linen cocktail napkins not only look stunning but also provide a luxurious sensory experience. Handcrafted from premium linen, these napkins offer a soft and cozy touch. Your guests will appreciate the gentle texture and comfort they provide. Whether you opt for the Del Mar collection's cozy feel or the Coronado collection's refined texture, these napkins will enhance the tactile experience at your summer parties.

  1. Unleash Your Creativity and Embrace Summer Spirit:

Colleen Marie's luxury linen cocktail napkins invite you to unleash your creativity and embrace the playful essence of summer. Beyond their traditional role, these napkins can be folded into whimsical shapes, tied with colorful ribbons, or mixed and matched to create a vibrant tablescape. Let your imagination soar and infuse your cocktail parties with the carefree and spirited ambiance of summer.


Elevate your summer cocktail parties with Colleen Marie's vibrant luxury linen cocktail napkins. Explore the beauty of the Del Mar, Montecito, Coronado, and Laguna collections, and embrace the playful colors and patterns we offer. By opting for reusable linen napkins, you contribute to sustainability while enjoying the utmost style and elegance. Add a touch of luxury to your summer gatherings and create lasting memories with Colleen Marie's vibrant linens.