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About Colleen Marie Designs

Inspired by family traditions, Colleen promotes experiences through beautiful settings. Growing up, meals were the time of day that brought everyone together. Life always seemed to slow down for those few hours as family and friends caught each other up on their day. Bringing people together was not just for special occasions, but instead, a daily routine.

Colleen’s mother was a huge inspiration as she never needed a reason to create a beautiful setting. Whether it was a Tuesday night or Thanksgiving dinner, the table was always prepared to host guests. The scene was beautifully set for the family to gather in an intimate setting to catch-up together. No excuses were needed to have a dinner party.

Gathering with others, being present, and creating experiences together is the motivation behind Colleen Marie. Our curated luxury textile collections provide the modern entertainer with an effortless ability to create beautiful settings and experiences.

About the Brand

For the modern entertainer, Colleen Marie is a home textile brand curating one-of-a-kind design collections to make every meal or gathering special, no matter the occasion.